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cake_n_bacon's Journal

Killer Queen
26 May 1988
30 seconds to mars, alkaline trio, all american rejects, animals, art, austin powers, back to the future, beauty and the beast, black and white, black and white 2, black eyed peas, blink 182, blondie, body art, books, brand new, bruce lee, cats, chronic future, chugworth, clothing, clueless, coheed and cambria, coloring, comedy, comics, computers, deviantart, devil's panties, disney, dogs, drawing, dresden dolls, drop dead gorgeous, electronica, enigma, errant story, eurotrip, eyeshadow, fashion, ferngully, ferris bueller's day off, fight club, fish, flogging molly, from first to last, frou frou, funk, girl genius, gorillaz, graphic design, gwen stefani, harvest moon, hawthorne heights, head automatica, horror, horrorpops, ice cream, interview with a vampire, jazz, jeffery dahmer cookbook, jewelry, jimmy eat world, kagerou, korn, kung fu, least i could do, led zeppelin, legally blonde, linkin park, lipgloss, lipstick, loserz, lowered expectations, lynnard skynnard, madonna, makeup, marilyn manson, maroon 5, mascara, metal, mindless self indulgence, modest mouse, movies, ms paint, muse, my chemical romance, new found glory, no doubt, no pink ponies, okami, orneryboy, painting, pat benetar, penny arcade, piercings, pimpcane shotgun, pretty in pink, prodigy, queen, queen of the damned, queens of the stoneage, questionable content, rob zombie, scary go round, senses fail, sewing, shaun of the dead, something corporate, something positive, spirited away, star wars, stray cats, straylight run, sublime, taking back sunday, tattoos, techno, the aquabats, the bangles, the breakfast club, the cramps, the cure, the donnas, the fray, the go-gos, the goonies, the killers, the mars volta, the offspring, the princess bride, the red jumpsuit apparatus, the sims, the sims 2, the smiths, the sounds, the sweetest thing, the village, thirteen, turtles, underworld, video games, volcano, war of the worlds, webcomics, white oleander, white zombie, writing